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Mid-South Conference 2005 Tournament
Frankfort Civic Center

Our much-beloved "FTGPB" [aka Fighting Tiger Grrr... Pep Band] was on-tap to support our Teams and our College at the MSC Tournament Championship. As it turns out ..... it was ..... well ..... the results were not what we had hoped for or planned on. The Band Scholars were in high-gear, none-the-less, and as always "set the bar" for band performances. Their special flavor and flair was greatly appreciated by the audience.

Left: Andy the Armadillo, official mascot of the Tournament [sponsored by Texas Roadhouse]

heading towards Frankfort

the standard, loading sequence begins

a wonderful meal with wonderful friends it was
Thanks, Thanks & Thanks
to our great Band Friends
The Nance Clan

A very special treat for this Mini-Grrr... Excursion was the great meal provided for the Band Scholars by Ma & Pa Nance and our friends at the First United Methodist Church of Frankfort. We cannot thank them enough for this incredible meal. Pictured above are the "Assistant Concubines" (please do not ask - it is a very, very long story)

a little out-of-focus you say ..... well perhaps our teams were
but they are ready and we are ready for national tournament play

We shall see you in Kansas City as our Tiger Bands "On the Road Series" continues with
Grrr... Excursion KCII ~ 2005