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Pirate's Day III
September 30, 2006
featuring the lassies and mates of our Tiger Bands

Yes ~ Yes
it was PD3 [aka Pirate's Day III] and what a glorious day it was.

The day started sunny and warm - and ended wet and chilly - but all was well with the Band Scholars

Left: Pirate Jarrod
(a happy pirate)

Right: Pirate Jared
(a somewhat more ominous pirate)


Left: two very adorable pirates - Middle Child Sara & Fledgling Emily

Cherished Band Friend Cousin Kim Summers gets into the spirit of the Day [I hasten to add that I have enough trouble seeing these days - my Pirate's Patch does not help the situation - Grrr...]
Right: yes seemingly if your name is Jarrod or Jared - you really get into the spirit of Pirate's Day

Above: Faux-Fledgling Pirate Jared - even brought his Pirate's Whistle to round out his presentation


Left: Diane, Allie, Heather, Sarah & Co. after the woodwind team had moved to "auxiliary percussion"

Avas Ye Scurvy Dogs

It was a great day [notwithstanding the rain] as the Tiger prevailed and the Band Scholars were in fine fettle as they remain exemplars of excellence, excitement and enthusiasm for our entire campus community.