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Fall 2007
Working Weekend I

October 5 & 6
featuring the Band Scholars in/at ...
2007 Festival of the Horse ~ Colt & Filly Parade
VIP Day Performance
Band Bruncheon I
Pirate's Day IV
... and our weekend started with our preparation and participation in the 2007 Festival of the Horse - Colt & Filly Parade - as we again supported the "Friends of the Library" and our Community with Humble but Homey XV

Right: our "WW" [aka Walking Wounded] category grows as Lauri joins Nathan on the "sling team"


Left & Above: a time-honored Tiger Band tradition - "BAIT" this year skillfully prepared by Joshua

Below: the lovely ladies of our 2007 CDT [aka Candy Distribution Team]

Below: a special Band Friend, Gem-Alumnus PLUR, watches the parade along Main Street

Our weekend events continued on Saturday with two new features - starting with a VIP Day Performance in the morning as our FTGPB helped welcome families, friends and perspective new students to Georgetown College.

Right: Although our 2007-2008 Band Scholars continue to uphold the traditions and legacy of our Tiger Bands ~ an 8:30 AM "call time" seemingly is not necessarily "preferred" by your average 20-something - smile

It was an "EE" performance, however, and the first time we have ever played on the Highbaugh Hall Portico which is just about made as a primo performance spot for a band

... and we then continued with another new feature of our Tiger Bands - our first-ever Band Buncheon. Grrr...

our Favorite German, looking - well rather - German


Left: Chief Pirate Junior cannot contain his glee regarding the impending Pirate's Day IV Performance - and starts distributing the booty to the Band Scholars


Avas Ye Scurvy Dogs
(i.e. Grrr...)

Pirate's Day IV
a classic and now much-beloved tradition of our Tiger Bands
(most of the spectators also got into the spirit of the day - yelling "Ahoy Band"  at the appropriate time)

The football game was great also - as Coach Cronin and our Tigers thumped the squad from Lambuth University [TN] 60-14

... it was a great few days for the Band Scholars and our Tiger Bands - Thanks & Thanks to everyone and all for your continued support of Bands at Georgetown College ~ Grrr...
Band is our Business ... and Business is Good