C    O    L    L    E    G    E



MSC Conference Tournament Championship
Frankfort Civic Center
March 4, 2007

What a great day it was for Tiger Basketball and our Tiger Bands as Hap & Co. did the unlikely and improbable - swept the conference in regular season play - and then won the tournament championship.
It was an "EE" performance by the Band Scholars in this close-fought 65-64 win. A day none of us shall soon forget

Sites and Scenes that our many, cherished Alumni Band Scholars and Band Friends know well. The familiar site of a Croswell Coach, the loading sequence, sleepy looking Band Scholars, Departure Devos, et al.

Special invited Band Friends for this little Mini-Grrr... Excursion were Mr/Mrs Lobitz [the Lobi], Mr/Mrs Summers [Miss Sheila & Cousin Kim] and Mr/Mrs Crabdree [our Jan & Bill]

Departure Devos were ably led by Fledgling Liz - the Spiritual Advisor of the future for our Tiger Bands.

Ivan was happy to again see Donnie - we are less sure that Donnie was happy to see Ivan

Above: Tiger putting a hurting on Donnie
Left: Miss Sheila & Cousin Kim
Below: Happy urging on the troops
Viva la Grrr...