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The 2010 Fall Triptych
Three Performances - Three Days

Windsor Gardens - September 29
Toyota Stadium - Tiger Football - September 30
Festival of the Horse Parade - October 1

... it was a privilege and a pleasure for us to start our Triptych of Performances with a visit to Windsor Gardens Retirement Center. Band Scholar Johnathan Rogers is coordinating this ongoing stewardship project for us this year



... the Band Scholars and our Tiger Bands actually started our 2010-2011 performance season with our annual TBLE&B [aka Tiger Band Leadership Event and Barbecue]. This event was help on Friday, September 26 and due to the rain [a pretty rare commodity in this parts] was held in/around Toyota Stadium. Our Band Friend Mr. James Koeppe served as facilitator for this important event





Mr. Dewey L. Creech, Director's Assistant
putting finishing touches on the new, improved BVIII

2010 Tiger Football
great game - final score - GTC=52, KCU = 12



... then time for our annual performance in the Festival of the Horse Parade as we prepped "Humble But Homey XVIII", the Remote Saxophone Conveyance and BVIII

Thanks & Thanks to Everyone and All ...
for your continuing support of the Band Scholars and our Tiger Bands at Georgetown College
It was a jim-dandy three days. Grrr...