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Let There Be Grrr...

MSC Tournament Championship
March 7, 2010
Frankfort Civic Center
It was our privilege and our pleasure to support our Team and our College at the MSC Tournament Championship Game. Congratulations to Coach Osborne and our Tigers for a hard-fought win.
... a scene familiar to many generations of Band Scholars and Band Friends - the arrival of our bus [a slightly different color than it has been for the past 15 or so years]

... as always, it was our pleasure to have several Band Friends travel with us

Arrival of Miss Sheila
... as it has been a bit since we traveled, our great crews working out new strategies

Fledgling Eddie [obviously marginally confused]

Band Hosts

on Saturday, March 6 - we had the delightful opportunity to host another Audition/Interview Day for prospective Band Scholars

Hannah & Tori

Cherished Band Friends
The Queen & Dick Lobitz
[these cherished friends have traveled tens of thousands of miles with our Tiger Bands]

... we digress slightly - a week ago we had the honor to host Mr. John Harrison Bryant from the University of South Carolina who did a great Master Class for our Brass Band Scholars

Mr. Dewey L. Creech and his Trusty Tuba

A hallmark of any of our Grrr... Excursions - be the micro, mini or maxi in nature is our Departure Devos - for this jaunt - led by our great Band scholar Tori

Above: there was a brief period of time when the outcome of the game seemed in doubt - a Sad Tiger - Grrr...

Right: we all said "Hello" to Scholar Rebecca - who could not be with us - as she is currently studying at Oxford [The Slackard - Smile]

Miss Stuck
... a bit shy? Or a bit put-off as there were seemingly no bassoon players in sight?

Logan David Poe

[as Logan was the official "PT" (aka Picture Taker) for our little jaunt - I took this picture of him - as the downside of being the PT - is obvious - you never appear anywhere in our Digital Galleries]

... again, all's well that ends well - and this game ended well. We congratulate Coach Osborne and the Tigers on winning the MSC Conference Tournament Championship and wish you well in Kansas City at the National Tournament

We would like to extend our warmest Thanks & Thanks to all of the many Band Friends who support our Tiger Bands, as well as our many Friends throughout the Campus Community. We neither could nor would be able to survive and thrive without your commitment to the Band Scholars and Bands at Georgetown College.