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Live Long and Grrr...


Dress Like Nuts Day
"A Tiger Band Tradition"
October 22, 2011
... a much-cherished tradition of our Tiger Bands is "DLND" [aka Dress Like Nuts Day]. The Live Long and Grrr... Edition of the Band Scholars upheld this somewhat twisted ritual in fine fettle [and the Football Game was pretty good also as Georgetown walloped West Virginia Tech 65-0].

Team Sax - Faux Occupy Protesters
[without their signs]

Right: Western and West-Coaster [beloved Hunter had some interpretation challenges with their theme]

some DLND preparations are tricky

The reigning 2010 DLND Champs - Team Clarinet [as led by the ever-popular Miss Stuck, with great assistance from Fledgling Haley] put in a strong bid for this year's DLND Awards.

Above: two jim-dandy Fledglings get into the spirit of DLND

I had to keep reminding the troops that we did have to perform - at least some - innumerable photo-ops were putting a bit of a kabosh on our usual Grrr... efforts

Right: Team Flute - the Human Dominos [and there was a delightful kinesthetic nature to their overall presentation (as in falling over) that was a delightful touch to their entry]

have I said that some DLND preparations are tricky - oh yes, I am repeating myself

Left: "3FCW" [aka Three Fine Christian Women] were the judges for this year's DLND awards. Great Band Friends, Mrs. Lobitz, Miss Peggy and Miss Shirley again helped with this always tricky process.

we did have one very ghoulish entry in our 2011 DLND festivities

... and the winners are ...
Section Winner
Elder Scholar Kyle & Fledgling Dalton

who took thematic development to new heights and actually - dressed like nuts

Fledgling Dalton was a sight all afternoon, trust me, you had to see it to believe it ... fine, fine young gent [and him trying to catch the standard band-candy was something]

Individual Winner
Elder Scholar Torin
Human Embodiment of the well-known [and oft-repeated] "5 Steps to Good Health" for Band Scholars

... although you have to admit that if the archeology-history thing does not quite work out for Jesse-Eden - canine impersonation might be an option?

Thanks & Thanks
to everyone and all ... it was a beautiful October afternoon at Toyota Stadium and yes, the final score was ...
Georgetown - 65 ... West Virginia Tech - 0