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You Had Me At Grrr...


Ahoy Mateys
Pirate's Day With The Grrr... Band

September 29, 2012
It was a great privilege and pleasure to bring back a time-honored tradition with the Band Scholars ... Pirate's Day. It has been more than a few years since our last PD - and we were glad to add this special event to our "You Had Me At Grrr..." 2012-2013 offerings. Trust me, a good time was had by all. ARGH!

A Bad Pirate

Tall Nick
[what either can or needs to be said]

Right: Another time-honored Grrr... Tradition - Fledgling Body Spelling

Left: Flute Pirates ... Team Flute was awarded "Best Section" ... Tall Nick was awarded "Best Individual" ... Thanks & Thanks to three "FCW" [aka Fine Christian Women] who served as this year's judges [Peggy Glowatz, Shirley College and Jan Lobitz]

For no particularly good reason - but rather delightful anywayssss [yes, please notice the 4 S's - ARGH] Godzilla also made a special appearance. His belly being lovingly scratched by Elder Scholar Hunter and watched upon by Fledgling Scholar Haley

To add a little 3rd Quarter fun - we did our Belly-Band routine as the Band Scholars got up close and personal with the new iHigh Field.
Left: Yes & Yes, that is the Spiritual Advisor for our Tiger Bands, the inimitable Miss Haley, holding a knife to the throat of poor Elder Scholar Click. What is the world coming to?



Coach Bill Cronin

... as he celebrated his 150th win yesterday with the 63-21 romp [for lack of a better word] over Bethel University.

Go Tigers!

Thanks & Thanks
... to everyone and all for your continuing support of the Band Scholars
and our Tiger Bands at Georgetown College.