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The Newest Project of our Tiger Bands
"Certain Trumpets"
(The Nature of Leadership)
Reading & Discussion Groups

On Friday, December 9th - the last full-gathering of the Band Scholars this semester - we embarked upon our newest project.

The book, "Certain Trumpets - The Nature of Leadership" by Garry Wills, had originally been brought to our attention by Band Friend, Dr. John R. Bell.

Subsequently great Band Friend [and mother of our cherished Band Alumnus Matthew-Cope], Mrs. Martha Birdwhistell, graciously provided the necessary funding so that we could provide a copy of this fabulous book for each Band Scholar

Left: Miss Kelly, Spiritual Advisor of our Tiger Bands & G.R.O.E., with the book

Dr. Pete begins the Session

Left: Dr. William H. Crouch, Jr., President of Georgetown College [and great Band Friend], gives graciously of his time to be with the Band Scholars on this chilly afternoon, and share his reflections on the book, and thoughts on leadership

and then the session began - the format we had established divided the book into six parts - with a report being provided from representatives of the section assigned to specific chapters. Additionally, a written synopsis will be provided - which shall subsequently be collated and distributed to all Band Scholars
Left: representing the "Alchettes" [Team Trombone] Scholar Lucas who gave a synopsis of the Introduction ~ Leader Franklin Delano Roosevelt; Antitype, Adlai Stephenson and Leader Harriet Tubman and Antitype, Stephen A. Douglas

Right: representing the tubers and baritones, Fledgling Michael ~ Leaders Eleanor Roosevelt, Andrew Young and Napoleon; Antitypes Nancy Reagan, Clark Kerr and George McClellan

a Fledgling Scholar comporting himself very well
(just never ask him about the "crowded-stage" concept)

from the beaters and bangers society [aka the percussion crew] Fledgling Jeremy reported on King David as compared to Solomon [and did an exceptional job BTW]. Elder Scholar Ken talked about leader Ross Perot and the antitype Roger Smith. Scholar Matthew reported on Pope John XXIII compared to Pope Celestine V

Dr. Crouch [aka Boss-Man] - has to leave, and he does so proudly wearing his new Tiger Band "Hoodie"

Representing the clarinet and bassoon teams are Elder Scholar Shana [center] and Scholar Beth [left] and Scholar Allie [right]. They report on the leaders George Washington, Socrates and Mary Baker Eddy. The anti-types represented are Oliver Cromwell, Ludwig Wittgenstein and Phineas Parkhurst Quinby

Scholar Jon & Dr. Pete look on

He [Wills] moves beyond the traditional study of elected officials and business giants, past the usual emphasis on glamour, forceful personality or technique, to look at leaders of different scope and particular talents. Wills shows how leaders are shaped by the very circumstances in which they must shape others' actions. No one, after all, can be a leader without followers. Only the vital interplay of wills between leaders and followers can direct them both toward a common goal.
Left to Right: Scholar Jarrod [aka Junior], Fledgling Lauri, Scholar Allison [aka Queen of the Rodeo] and Fledgling Paul well-represent the trumpet and horn teams - and Bahb's Family [the saxophones].

They share information from the book regarding leaders Carl Stotz and Martha Graham and antitypes Kenesaw Mountain Landis and Madonna

To close the afternoon's discussion representatives from the Flute & Oboe teams provided insight on the final three chapters and the conclusion.

From Left to Right: Scholar Sierra, Miss Kelly & Fledgling Sara

Leaders represented were Martin Luther King Jr., Cesare Borgia and Dorothy Day

The antitypes - Robert Parris Moses, Piero Soderini and Ammon Hennacy

(it was a very, very chilly afternoon - hence Miss Kelly shivering - this was, however, after she was sighted "cavorting" earlier in the week)

it was a very special afternoon - and we want to thank everyone who took part and contributed to this very special experience ~ truly the perfect way to end a fine semester ..... yes, the Band Scholars and our Tiger Bands have been, are and will remain a focal point of excellence, excitement and enthusiasm for our entire campus community - yet there is much more to the "BE" [aka Band Experience] at Georgetown College than just fine bands, giving fine performances - and Friday, December 9th gave testimony to that

Happy Holidays