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Our Newest Tiger Band Tradition
"Dress Like Nuts Day"

Saturday, November 2, 2002

Alchy, Jeremy-Wade & S.P.I.T.
It was a chilly November day at Rawlings Stadium on our Georgetown College campus, when the Tiger Bands inaugurated their newest [and perhaps most questionable] tradition, "DLND" [aka Dress Like Nuts Day]. To the left, sterling examples of Band Scholars getting into the spirit of "DLND"
All seems relatively normal
Left: White Trash crew putting up standard Grrr...decorations
Right: Percussion Team getting their equipment prepped [of course Matthew-Cope is definitely "bundled-up"]
Then "strangeness" begins to set in. To the left, we have Anonymous Band Scholar "Fred" - who we later found out was a "Visiting Artist" (without tenure) - Fred seemed both benign and happy to be a part of the proceedings
Two of the finest Fledgling Band Scholars you could ever hope to know, Krista and Christina, have seemingly started to turn into little Grrr...Tigers as they help decorate our FTGPB Zone
Left: The Tuba Boys, S.P.I.T. [aka Fledgling David] and Big [aka PMC Adam] enjoy Chinese before the game [seems rather civilized - does it not?]
Right: folks seemed to run in a panic as the FTGPB warms up and has weekly "Rites & Rituals" on The Hill

The Hollster
(aka Holly decked out in fine Dress Like Nuts Day fashion - and God-Mother to Fred)

(a cherished Elder Scholar and student leader - would make any mother proud)

Band Alchemist
(aka Fledgling Tyler - who most-assuredly seems a little scary if not actually magical)
Results of "Dress Like Nuts Day"
The Game: Georgetown 41 - Campbellsville 13
Most Creatively Dressed FTGPBer: Jeremy-Wade Sexton
Most School-Spiritedly Dressed FTGPBer: Ann Shrewsbury
Winner of the Band Bookie of the Week Award: David Taliaferro
(The TAC - aka Tog Adjudication Committee - was comprised of Elder Scholar Whit, PMC Holly and Fledgling Heidi - the judges rulings were final)