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FTGPB X - 2002-2003
Working Weekend #1
September 13th & 14th
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Our first "Working Weekend" began with our standard "FCUR" [aka Friday Circle-Up Rehearsal] - and to be perfectly honest - things were just a tad shaky
We then moved out to the East Campus Alpine Challenge Course - to begin our annual "TBLE&C" [aka Tiger Band Leadership Event & Barbecue]
Left: the lower the helium hoola-hoop trick [and it is harder than it looks - believe me]

Right: the old - keep the old ball in the air game [note the look of abject joy on Kent's face

The "Protect The Secret Serum Game" [aka PTSSG] - Patrick, one of the facilitators, watches on - giving encouragement as needed
Much-Cherished Elder Scholars, Whit, Jeremy-Wade & Kourtney

Prior to eating - our great Head Football Coach and cherished Band Friend - Bill Cronin comes by to help us with our Tiger Jacks
Left: much-beloved Band Friends - Bill & Jan Crabdree and Kim & Sheila Summers join us

Right: Dr. Crouch [College President] looks on with some degree of concern with Ellen Cronin and PMC Holly

Georgetown College Head Football Coach and Grrr...Great Band Friend, Bill Cronin
Some of the Band Scholars eating - notice the great and much-beloved "Queen" [aka Mrs. Lobitz] watching the proceedings in the background
Left: FTGPB X - final Warm-Up prior to the first performance of the season

Right: our usual Pre-Performance Rites & Rituals led by Killer [near left]

We were planning to include a few photos from the season-opener, rather rare night game - however - it was more than a little rainy - and as it turned-out - not much of a game. Grrr...