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Special Performance
The Fighting Tiger Grrr...Pep Band [aka FTGPB]
at the Thoroughbred Center, Lexington, Kentucky
Valvoline World Conference
October 22, 2002

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On Tuesday, October 22nd - the Band Scholars of our Fighting Tiger Grrr...Pep Band [aka FTGPB] had the rare opportunity to perform for the Valvoline World Conference. What a beautiful day it was - what a grand and glorious venue for us to showcase the versatility and excellence of our Tiger Bands specifically and Georgetown College collectively. It was truly a day when we lived up to our historic epitaph of "Music for all Occasions"

Left: The Band Scholars and Mr. Valvoline

The Thoroughbred Center - a Keeneland property
site of the 2002 Valvoline World Conference
Left: Bus in usual loading and departure position

Right: Assorted Scholars meandering towards the bus

Be it one of our extended Grrr...Excursions - or a mini-excursion as was the Valvoline Event today - we always take a moment for our Departure Devotionals - today led by S.P.A [Elder Scholar Emily] and S.P.I.T [Fledgling David]
Left: A really, very large oil bottle [no Pennzoil today friends]

Right: our Band Alchemist [aka Fledgling Tyler] performing magic?

Fledgling Ken and his percussion buddies sporting their snappy Valvoline hats as we warm-up and prepare for the event
Our performance begins as we welcome approximately 1000 Valvoline employees from around the world
After the Event - we then go to the Cracker Barrel

Left: Scholars Ann, Miss Katie, Mitch and others enjoying their food

Right: Well, Ken looking strange, Kent looking totally whacked - and Bob & Tyler ignoring them

Middle Children Erica, Stephanie - and other of our Lady Scholars relaxing in the Cracker Barrel Rocking Chairs. Who knows - in a few years - we perhaps shall all be rocking away at the Cracker Barrel?

A Grrr...Great Time Was had By All.