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GCMS V - Guest Conductor Mini-Series Five
featuring the internationally-acclaimed euphonium artist & conductor
Dr. Earle L. Louder
October 9, 2002

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Dr. Louder meets the Tiger Symphonic Band
and begins the "Main Event" of the Guest Conductor Mini-Series Five
Now here are two very, very happy looking individuals - as Dr. Louder spends some quality time with Adam and his Tuba
Little Jason looks moderately distressed as Dr. Louder demonstrates (rather forcefully) the importance of air flow as they spend some trombone time together (and it was at this juncture that Dr. Louder first shared with us "The Trick" on his trombone - which if you have not seen - you would not believe)

No Tiger Band Event is complete without a great deal of Good Food

Our ever-faithful Food Friends - who prepared the great GCMS Reception

Fledgling David (aka SPIT) and Mitch (Aka Burley) and other Band Scholars at "the trough"

Dr. Louder enjoying the goodies - with "The Queen" [Best of Band Friends] talking to Dr. Cairo towards the back - and our wonderful, ever-faithful Band Friends, Kim & Sheila Summers to the right
Left: A "clump" of Fledglings chatting (and our Band Alchemist - aka Tyler - looking distinctly up to no good)

Right: Okay - this is really not a very good picture - Killer (aka Emily) looks totally "whacked" - Fledgling Ken looks perplexed - and no one really wants to see my backside - mea culpa

Dr. Louder sharing his thoughts on breathing with the Tiger Symphonic Band
Left: Dr. Louder as he conducts the great Sousa march, The Black Horse Troop

Right: Team Trombone buckles down to enjoy the full benefits of this special time with Dr. Louder

Dr. Louder with his much-beloved euphonium, and believe you me - when he plays that horn - it is as if the angels are singing
What a great and memorable day it was as our Tiger Bands and the Band Scholars had the privilege and pleasure to serve as host to Dr. Earle L. Louder, our Clinician for the GCMSV [aka Guest Conductor Mini-Series Five]. We shan't soon forget our time with this most-remarkable musician and gentleman.