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Tiger Band Hoodies
A Mini-Gallery

Just in time for Homecoming Weekend, just in time for the chilly fall weather ~ the long-planned Tiger Band Hoodies arrived. As with many/most "features" of our Tiger Bands, this project had a gestation period of somewhere between two and four years. Thanks to all who helped - and a special thanks to great Band Friend, Cousin Kim.

Alchy looks on in horror as he knows how much the management dislikes Band Scholars acting like or looking like - well let's just say "idiots"

Left: Junior [aka Jarrod] sporting this newest of our Tiger Togs

Above: The Queen of the Rodeo [aka Allison] getting her Hoodie from a chipper Matthew

Left: Elder Scholar Patrick being sized for his Hoodie

Above: Fledgling Eric getting his Hoodie

Yes, it was a most-exciting day in the life of our Tiger Bands. You may see the Band Scholars, in their new Hoodies at Homecoming Performances this weekend.

Go Tigers

Thanks, Thanks & Thanks to everyone and all.