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ILD3 ~ 2006
(aka I Love Donnie #3)
February 23, 2006
The Band Scholars at Their Finest

The 2006 Alchettes
on Thursday evening, February 23rd - we hosted the teams from the University of the Cumberlands - our Lady Tigers did not prevail - however - Hap & Co. won a thrilling 62-61 OT battle

loading trusty BVII before the game

actually what turned out to be a very exciting [and very long] day - started with a very special visit from a very special person

in the afternoon "DG" - one of the Gem Alumni of our Tiger Bands visited Band Central

to us she'll always be "DG" - faithful member of the "Nap Crew" - stalwart of our Tiger Band clarinet section of a few years back with her cohorts in crime - Kristi and Laura Gail

to the world, she is Dr. Deanna Green, 2nd year resident at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institute in Baltimore, MD

Dr. Deanna Green, a Gem Alumnus of our Tiger Bands
sort of the "ying" and the "yang" of our Tiger Bands

left: Fledgling Eric sporting his ILD T Shirt

right: Elder Scholar David sporting his Band Hoodie

(we answer the question a lot - who is Donnie - well, it's Donnie Butcher, Coach of the Cumberland basketball team - who we shall just say - is not a fan of our Tiger Bands)

Taras, our favorite German Fledgling

above: a lurking Band Scholar - could it be Michael-Patrick

Ivan Welcomes Donnie

Jon begins his career as a "flasher"

one "casualty" of the evening

our incredible Tiger Percussion Team - they are better than fine - trust me
Left: our wonderful, hard-working "Tubers" - this fine crew will be long-remembered, as well as David's fine mentoring to them

Right: Bahb's Family, it has just grown and grown - who would have thought it possible

Right: Miss Kelly
(aka Kelly Kays)
Spiritual Advisor for our Tiger Bands

we love Miss Kelly - always have - always will - she has added to her ever-growing and impressive list of student achievements - by last weekend being crowned as "Belle of the Blue"

Yes, she now has a crown [smile] - although in our world she always has

to the 2006 Belle of the Blue

Yep - it was an exciting and great day and night for our Tiger Bands and Georgetown College
we want to thank our many, many, many very faithful Band Friends who make our continuing "adventures" both possible and exciting
Thanks, Thanks & Thanks