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Junior Band Scholars Visit Tiger Band Central
Kindergarten Classes from Garth Elementary
Instrument Demonstration Program
October 1, 2002

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The arrival of the Junior Band Scholars - as they come to Tiger Band Central

Welcome to our Friends from Garth

trombone duets greet our guests

A reflective look as they pass along a recorder as Killer demonstrates the flute

Little Jason demonstrating "God's Instrument" - the Trombone

Adam shares his mouthpiece with the Junior Band Scholars - this guest looks somewhat perplexed

Dr. Pete generally terrorizes the Junior Band Scholars with the Tiger Trumpet

Emily (aka Killer) giving a great flute demonstration
(Kim and Ken never really show up in the photos)

the old "Vibrating Paper Trick" (you can see Adam and Whit looking on from the back)

Left: Junior Band Scholars try their hand on our "rainy day" Grrr...Drums (please notice Whit in the back trying to maintain order - and Fledgling Ken's hand in the front - trying to provide a bit of focus for the occasion)

Right: Junior Band Scholars working on their clapping skills - and yes - much like the Band Scholars - there were a few "phasing" problems

the looks that made it all so very worthwhile
are these perhaps Band Scholars of the future.....

And a most-unexpected surprise - a week later representative students and teachers from Garth returned - and gave us this wonderful "Candy Bouquet" as a special thanks for our Junior Band Scholar Instrument Demonstration Program