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KC 2008 - Micro-Mini Grrr... Excursion
"The Unexpected"
as our "Tiger Bands "On the Road" series continued
March 24-25, 2008

Our Tiger Bands had the somewhat unexpected privilege and pleasure of supporting our Team and our College at the NAIA DI National Championship Final Four Game on Monday, March 24. It was a thrill for us to add our special flavor and flair to the proceedings. The game did not perhaps turn out as we had hoped - but congratulations to Hap & Co for a remarkable 35-1 season.

NAIA DI National Championship ~ Kansas City
Final Four ~ March 24
Georgetown versus Mountain State

it was a wee bit dark, and a wee bit chilly as our All-Star Loading crew began the loading sequence ...

Special Band Friends ~ Cousin Kim & Miss Sheila

Getting Ready for Departure Devos

we were tickled to have first-time Grrr... Excursionnaire Mr. Josh Eckman with us [left - far left] and delighted to take special Band Friends Bobbi and Madison Osborne to Kansas City with us [Coach Osborne's Wife & Daughter for those of you a little slow on the uptake - Grrr...]


Coach R. Happy Osborne
pictures are a bit scarce from the game - the All-Star Loading Crew had approximately 360 seconds to unload and prep all of our I/E [they were great as always] and then we started our performance - to the delight of the crowd, to the delight of the tournament organizers, and to the delight of many around the country who either listened to or watched the game

after the game - and with the urging of several - it was deemed appropriate to finally eat supper [Sorry Mrs. Lobitz] so we went to one of our "regular stops" - the I-Hop ...

the recuperative powers of Band Enthusiasts are rather amazing - when coupled with food ..

Our Favorite German [aka Taras] and Young Jeremy [who for the coming 2008-2009 "Sprechen Sie Grrr..." Performance Season shall become a native of Bavaria rather than Batavia]
we then spent the evening at our "spring home away from home" the Hilton Garden Inn - and we were welcomed by our dear friend Judith the next morning before our Daily Devos & Information session ...

En route home - we again saw the incredible Gateway Arch in St. Louis [we did not stop this year - but surely a favorite site of past Grrr... Excursions]. On this Micro-Mini Grrr... Excursion the Band Enthusiasts "EE" [aka Exceeded Expectations] in every facet of our operation - great performance, high energy level and enthusiasm, fabulous loading crews - I could go on and on. Please know our Georgetown Tiger Band was indeed a focal point of excellence and enthusiasm in all ~ for all.
A very special Thank-You to ... the Band Enthusiasts of our 2007-2008 TGTBTG Performance Season ~ all members of the MMGE Travel Party ~ our fabulous friends Anne-Marie [Croswell] and Judith [Hilton Garden Inn - Independence] for their flexibility and assistance ~ all members of our Georgetown College campus community who helped with and were flexible regarding this jaunt [a special thanks to my faculty colleagues for being understanding regarding class absences] ~ and our very special Band Friends, whose material support made this Micro-Mini Grrr... Excursion possible