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KC3 - 2007
as our Bi-Annual Tiger Bands "On the Road" series continued
March 13-18, 2007

(we hope you enjoy your visit to this extensive digital gallery - and its sub-links - featuring sights and scenes of the Band Scholars from our most-recent Grrr... Excursion)

The TourPac
Jackson, TN & Independence, MO

NAIA DI National Basketball Tournament - Kansas City

Educational & Historic Sites Visited
Pinson Mounds & Archeological Site
Shiloh National Battlefield & Museum

in Memphis, TN ~ Beale Street
W. C. Handy Home
Rock & Soul Museum
Sun Studios

Eisenhower Presidential Library, Museum & Home ~ Abilene, Kansas

in Kansas City, MO
18th & Vine Museums
(American Jazz Museum & Negro Leagues Baseball Museum)
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Left: a good place to start - reading one's TourPac

Right: just about ready to put wheels to pavement

Great Band Friends Cousin Kim & Miss Sheila come by to see us off

Miss Kelly leads us in Departure Devos
Right: so tickled to have the "Lobis" again traveling with us - Dick and "The Queen" - Thanks & Thanks to these special Band Friends

Scholar Diane
Head-Counter Extraordinaire

A hallmark of our Tiger Bands is the internal leadership and personal accountability of the Band Scholars.
For Grrr... Excursions - literally everyone has to pitch in and help - however, some have special responsibilities and duties. To see special photos of the 4J's and an Elf, the God Squad and the R&LH - please click on the ...


... so we arrive in Jackson, TN - and like any good band should - warm-up, rehearse and play a bit

to see a complete copy of the TourPac for KC3 - 2007 - you may click on the ...


... visiting sites of historic importance or educational interest is another hallmark of our Grrr... Excursions - it is hoped from these visits - the Band Scholars shall always have memories to cherish for a lifetime [plus maybe learn a few things along the way - smile]

... then we are off to Memphis - for some quality time on Beale Street - starting with a visit to the home of W. C. Handy and a fine tour led by Mrs. T

Rock & Soul
... then one of the most-interesting and most-memorable stops ever on a Grrr... Excursion - our visit to the historic Sun Studios - to see more photos from this extraordinary site [and our great guide, David] please click on the ...


... we then get up "moderately" early the next morning to roar to Kansas City to be with Hap & Co. for their First Round game [I am convinced that within a few years - the stories will have us leaving at 2A - a slight exaggeration]

Right: our spring home away from home - the Hilton Garden Inn, Independence, MO

Along the way ...

Okie-Dokie ... I think it is pretty well documented that the game did not turn out either as we had planner or hoped ... that said - please know the Band Scholars sounded like a million dollars, added their special flavor and flair to the proceedings, met many old friends from the national NAIA office - and made some new ones ... we pretty well re-asserted the fact that we are one of the, if not THE premier small-college band program in the nation - we consider it a great privilege and pleasure to have the opportunity to again support our Team and our College in a National Championship venue and have the chance to perform in the spectacular Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City

Final Score
Them - a Bigger Number ~ Us - a Smaller Number

(personal expressions of Grrr... Spirit seem to be on the rise)
Left: The Band Scholars with our great friend [and patron saint of the Hilton Garden Inn] Ms. Judith Watkins

Right: the preferred breakfast spot for Grrr... Excursions

... we then had the incredible opportunity to travel west to Abilene Kansas to view the Eisenhower Presidential Library, Museum & Site - it is hard to put into words - the importance of this man - as he defined twenty years of American History ... Duty, Honor & Country were his watchwords ... it is oft-times said - "he never sought the job, the job always sought him" - and there are lessons to be learned from these words

to see an extensive sub-gallery of photos from this awe-inspiring stop - please click on the


18th & Vine Museums [American Jazz & Negro Leagues Baseball]

Elder Band Scholars on the KC3 - 2007 Travel Roster

Fledgling Band Scholars on the KC3 - 2007 Travel Roster

The extraordinary Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

for no particular reason - tattoos and body art seem to be on the rise with the Band Scholars this performance season - as exemplified here by Gav, Matthew, Diane, Michelle and is that Fledgling Erica?

... but it was then time for us to pack, load and depart for Georgetown - KC3 - 2007 - shall now be naught but cherished memories

Thanks & Thanks
Everyone & All
for your continued support of the Band Scholars and Bands at Georgetown College
Viva la Grrr...