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Tiger Bands
"On the Road Series"
Grrr... Excursion KCII - 2005
March 15 - 20

some sights and scenes from our not-soon-to-be-forgotten Grrr... Excursion to Kansas City in 2005

Game Two at the NAIA National Tournament
this was the "Hall-of-Famer" as the Band Scholars set a new level of excellence by which all future shall be compared - Georgetown versus Oklahoma Baptist University
Left: Departure Devos led by Miss Kelly

as always we started each day "on the road" with our daily devos and general meeting {God Squad for KCII - 2005 included Christina, Ken, David, Jarrod & Miss Kelly}

Hilton Garden Inn - Independence, MO
our March home away from home
where are good friends Judith & "Denise" welcomed us


left: warm-up & rehearsal prior to performances

right: our "TCT" [aka Tiger Cheering Tutorials] led by Elder Scholars Ann, Mitchie & Adam

As always on our Grrr... Excursions - we had several very special friends with us .....

Left: Ivan makes his first Road Trip
(yes, we are one of the very few bands in America that travels with a rather large 8' blow-up doll - but please note he remembered his Tiger Togs)

Above: our very, very, very special Band Friends & Chaperones - The Queen, Miss Sheila, Cousin Kim & Dick - we cannot thank them enough for their help - Thanks, Thanks & Thanks

special presentation to our very faithful Croswell Driver Bill [aka chief, aka C4]

at the Truman Library & Museum
(prior to the arrival of Elder Scholar Ann and the day Middle Child Allie was feeling a bit puny)

Municipal Auditorium - Kansas City
site of the NAIA DI National Basketball Tournament ~ Game One - Tigers versus Georgia Southwestern State University

a Tiger Mini-Rally at the Marriott
as we fired up the Team before each game
Go Tigers ~ Grrr...

Coach Robert "Happy" Osborne
(aka the Dark Master) greatest of Band Friends talking to the Band Scholars after a Mini-Rally
to say we turned a few heads at the National Tournament would be a rank understatement

you must know that the Band Scholars were indeed a focal point of excellence, excitement and enthusiasm for our Team and our College

the NAIA folks, the Tournament organizers (and the CEO of the Corporate Sponsor, our newest Band Friend) were blown away by what we do - Grrr...

on the lawn of the incredible Nelson-Atkins Museum of Fine Art

Grave of Jesse James

Home of Jesse James

Most Incredible
in the Jesse James Museum - hangs his father's [Robert James] diploma from Georgetown College [Master of Arts - 1847] and a copy of an early lithograph of our campus [you can see Giddings Hall prominently displayed]

Fledgling Lauren; The Few, The Proud, the Karyn; The Queen of the Rodeo; Young Jarrod [aka Smiley Jr.] & PJL
A Grrr... Excursion Tradition - Fledgling Scholar & Elder Scholar Photographs

Left: the four Fledglings invited to be a part of the Travel Roster for KCII - 2005

Right: the seven Elder Scholars of our FTGPB - very, very, very special folks - each and every one

Elder Scholars Adam; Ann; Moses; PJL; Erica; Jessica; Amy & Mitchie
we cannot Thank-You enough

Game Three
Elite Eight ~ Quarter-Finals
Georgetown versus Robert Morris
Below: the special, limited edition KCII - 2005 T Shirts provided by a Band Friend, commemorating this Grrr... Excursion - but more importantly - all previous Grrr... Excursions also

We are indebted to our many, many, many “OC” [aka On-Campus] and “GC” [aka Geographically-Challenged] Band Friends for making this Grrr… Excursion possible. Thanks, Thanks & Thanks. Additionally we are highly indebted to the legacy of all Alumni Band Scholars – and the heritage of previous Grrr… Excursions – the foundation upon which the efforts of our Tiger Bands of today are based.

We consider it a distinct privilege and pleasure to be an ongoing exemplar of excellence, excitement and enthusiasm for our entire campus community. Thanks to one and all.

Thanks, Thanks & Thanks.
Band is our Business ..... and Business is Good