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Special Friends & Guests Visit Tiger Band Central
On Wednesday, February 23rd - we had the distinct privilege and pleasure to have a "TMF" [aka Trombone Mini-Fest] as we welcomed Professor Richard L. Cryder [Birmingham, AL], Dr. Chris Hayes [Athens, OH] and Tiger Band Gem Alumnus, Mr. Jason Reinhardt [Cincinnati, OH] to Tiger Band Land. Can one ever have too many trombone players around? Answer - No!

from right to left
Dick Cryder, Chris Hayes, Jason Reinhardt & Pete LaRue
the quartet rehearsing the beautiful "Loch Lomond" which has been specially arranged for the ensemble by Jason for the "Of Celts & Kilts" concert which shall be presented by the Central Kentucky Concert Band on Sunday, February 27th at Transylvania University

Dick Cryder is considered by most to be the leading proponent of the lyric trombone style in North America

Left: Dick & Chris

Right: Dick & Jason

(Chris is one of the many highly successful students from Professor Cryder's studio of the past, Jason is a current student)



Above: Chris & Dick

Left Upper: Dr. Chris Hayes, Professor of Trombone at Ohio University - Athens

Left Lower: Jason Reinhardt

..... always great when cherished friends and colleagues visit