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MGE - 2007
Mini-Grrr... Excursion
September 14-15, 2007

To kick off our "TGTBTG" [aka The Good, The Bad ~ The Grrr...] 2007-2008 Performance Season - the Band Scholars continued our Tiger Bands "On The Road" series with a delightful weekend jaunt to Tennessee. This was the 20th Grrr... Excursion of the "ME" [aka Modern Era] of our Tiger Bands - and a great way to start this "new era" of Bands at Georgetown College. The Band Scholars were in fine fettle [and the game was pretty successful also ... Us-63, Them-3 - Grrr...]

Band Scholars at The Hermitage
Home of President Andrew & Rachel Jackson

Joshua ~ Loading Crew Master
just a wee bit scary

The entire MGE 2007 Loading Crew
and they were great

Elder Scholars Diane & Gav
two of our finest

Fledglings Kendra & Michael the Younger

Fledgling Dewey
The Dewster

Cousin Kim
Best of Band Buddies

Miss Sheila and The Queen

The Pilot on I65
a standard Grrr... Stop

Left Upper: No Grrr... Excursion would be complete without a TourPac

Left Lower: our newest Band Gadget [courtesy of The Management]
Thomas ~ proved indispensable on the MGE

Band Scholars
Country Music Hall of Fame Museum
Nashville, Tennessee

Director's Assistant
MGE - Coordinator
The "Left Hand"
Guardian of Dewey

Two Great Band Scholars
Sara & Lauri

looking ...
well, a skosh confused

Taras, our favorite German, Anti-Whining Agent ~ the Right Fist
Elder Scholar Sarah

Andrew looking contemplative

The Queen of the Rodeo & Head-Counter Extraordinnaire

Fledgling Kendra - Alert
Fledgling Dewey - ???

Socks behind bars?

Fledgling Chloe
Young Jeremy
three good 'uns

We Love Nashville

Fledglings Rebecca & Michael the Younger

Our Guide at The Hermitage

The Hermitage
Tennessee Home of the 7th President
Andrew Jackson & Rachel Jackson
what a fabulous stop
perhaps one of our best ever
Right: The Tombs

Supper at the Ponderosa in Lebanon, TN Friday evening
was just fine
trust me - we shall be back there sometime

Tiger Paw Application

Fledgling Chloe sporting our newest Tiger Togs

Big Thanks to
Mr. Mike Calhoun and our Alumni Association for hosting the Band Scholars for lunch

Happy Band Scholars Everywhere

Right: Young Jeremy looks particularly happy
we then played a little informal concert for Friends and Alumni

Special Guest Artist, Master Jeff Summers

and what a game it was ...
Georgetown - 63
Cumberland University - 3
Congratulations to our Great Band Friend Coach Bill Cronin and the entire Tiger Football Team
(we also featured our newest FTGPB - well, "event" - Rapi-Deployments - which proved to be a hit)
Thanks to the Band Scholars of our TGTBTG 2007-2008 edition of the Tiger Bands
Thanks to all Alumni Band Scholars who over the years helped us to successfully establish our Tiger Bands "On the Road" series
Thanks to our many Band Friends who support and sustain Bands at Georgetown College
2007-2008 Performance Season
The Good, The Bad ~ The Grrr...
Band is our Business ... and Business is Good