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The Tiger Bands
Pirate's Day
October 1, 2005

on Saturday, October 1 - the Band Scholars of our Tiger Bands celebrated Pirate's Day - the troops were if full "PR" [aka Pirate Regalia] and delighted the crowd at Rawlings Stadium

Left: Cap'n Alchy & Cap'n Bahb [event coordinators] prepare for the special day

Junior [aka Jarrod A. Hunt] with his Pirate Sword - he perhaps is much too pleasant to be a pirate

Right: our much-beloved Band Alchemist, Tyler Colby Howard [aka Alchy] who knows way more about pirates than the average 20-something

Left: the Queen of the Rodeo [aka Scholar Allison] in Full Pirate togs

flute pirates - please notice "GROE" [aka God's Representative On Earth] our cherished Spiritual Advisor, Miss Kelly holding the pirate flag

Right: Pirate Sierra

Christina, looking very, very piratish - with Fledlging Eric just looking a bit concerned

Team Tuba - preparing for the festivities - Fledgling Michael - looking pirate-like ???


a classic photo of Junior & Fledgling Paul

a very sweet looking group of clarinet pirates

Cap'n Bahb's Family

Yes, Pirate Day - 2005 seemed to be a success.
Suggestions for PDII - 2006 include constructing a "plank" upon which next year's Fledglings should be made to walk. The management is taking this under consideration.

The Tigers did prevail in a "squeaker" over Bethel [TN] 30-29. We are not sure whether or not our Tiger Bands Pirate Day helped or hindered this effort..


Continuing Thanks & Thanks to our many "OC" [aka On-Campus] and "GC" [aka Geographically-Challenged] Band Friends - for your ongoing support of Bands at Georgetown College.