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What a Night It Was

Wednesday, November 9th will always be remembered as a very special evening as our Georgetown College Tigers took on the UK Wildcats at Legendary Rupp Arena

the evening started for our Tiger Bands with the usual "Loading Sequence" - at the right - Junior & PLUR faithfully working

great Band Friend - Cousin Kim

Jon looking a bit be-draggled

part of Team Flute
Elizabeth provided Departure Devos for us

Band Central - Humble but Homey - yet again serving as the staging area for another Grrr... Excursion [we called this a nano-excursion]

Right: Miss Kelly, GROE, using the Tiger Light as a "SD" [aka Sin Detector]

Left: Fledgling Sara being attacked by the Tiger Light

our newest toy, the Tiger Light - given by a cherished Band Friend

as everyone knows, we were not allowed to play at the game proper [having seen the hoo-haw I can better understand why] but the members of our much-beloved FTGPB had the privilege and pleasure of performing before and after the President's Dinner - to get our Tiger Fans pumped

Left: the Tuba Team - led by Elder Scholar David with Michelle [note the smile] and Young Michael [who continues to work on his tuba "visuals"]

Right: the incomparable Bahb's Family - led by Elder Scholar Bahb, with Fledgling Lauri, Beth & the Queen of the Rodeo

our incredible Percussion Team [which is at a high water mark this year] led by Elder Scholar Ken

the Band Scholars did a great job - and what a smooth place in which to perform - by the time the performance ended everyone was shouting Grrr...

the Band Scholars then joined the several hundred fine folks attending the annual President's Dinner - fine dining at its best

Left: Christina & Heather [please remember Scholar Christina is brighter than the average small town put together]

Right: Fledgling Lauri [looking - well I am not sure]

it was then time for the game - the FTGPB played one more time as the folks were walking to Rupp

Right: two great Band Friends - The Queen & Miss Sheila - getting ready for the game

yes, the place is huge - somewhat alarming to an old farmboy like me - but the Tiger fans did a great job supporting our team

it was amazing how quickly the place filled up - above is part of the pre-game hoo-haw

well - the scoreboard at the right was about as good as it got - perhaps Hap & Co. did not win the game - but the entire evening was sure a winner for Georgetown College


What a Night It Was
Thanks to everyone and all for your continuing support of the Band Scholars and our Tiger Bands