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Tiger Bands "On the Road Series"
Special Gallery
Savannah IV
Grrr...Excursions ~ December 19-21, 2002

Our Tiger Bands "On the Road" series continued with Grrr...Excursion Savannah IV ~ 2002, on December 19-21 [which veered a tad into 12/22]. We had the great privilege and pleasure of visiting Jackson, Memphis and Savannah, Tennessee and to support our Team and our College in the NAIA National Championship Football game - for a record-setting fourth consecutive appearance.

To the right - the official SIV ~ 2002 photo of our Grrr...Excursions Travel Party in front of the Memphis Pyramid

(okay, Pyramid downright enormous, Band Folks a little small - but I figure you know what the Band Scholars look like.....Grrr...)
Left: our faithful Croswell Coach, and Driver Tom ready to whisk us away

Right: some of the Fledglings - look a bit concerned as we prepare to embark upon Grrr...Excursion SIV

Although it is hard to imagine, SIV ~ 2002, represented the fifteenth (15) Grrr...Excursion since we started our Tiger Bands "On the Road" series in the Spring of 1994 with the "MOAT" [aka Mother  Of All Trips] Tulsa I. And since the beginning, each Grrr...Excursion has started with our Departure Devos. To the right you may see our much-beloved chaperones [the Lobis (plural for Lobitz), the Summersses (plural for Summers) and our special friends the Crabdrees], the Devo Team, Band Scholars watching on, and "GH" [aka Group Hugs] before we leave
After driving through several torrential downpours, the sky begins to clear as we get closer to Jackson [left - and Little Jason has an "artistic moment"] - we arrive at what has become our December home - away - from - home the Garden Plaza Hotel [right] - and we have the first of our evening rehearsals [below- in care of the local Presbys - THANKS]
Friday, began with Scholar Wake-Up [however, it was Saturday when "AC" (aka Alchy-Cam) also made the rounds - and when we figure out to digitalize "AC" that will be a treat] and moved to our Devos & Daily Meeting as we prepared to leave for Memphis. Sites of interest which we toured in Memphis included the fabulous Kasten holdings of Egyptian Art and artifacts at the University of Memphis, Beale Street and the W. C. Handy House [perhaps the greatest stop ever in the history of Grrr...Excursions - who will ever forget Maddie - see photos below], the Brooks Museum of Art, with photo-ops at the Memphis Pyramid and Graceland

To the left: Daily Devos and Operational Meeting and photos of the exterior of the University of Memphis - Kasten Galleries.

The W. C. Handy House on Beale Street. Mr. handy was the "Father of the Blues" and Maddie provided us all with memories which we shan't ever forget - arguably the greatest moment of this or any Grrr...Excursion
Right: The Elder Scholars [seems like a long time since we took your Fledgling Photo at the Will Rogers Museum in Tulsa - how can we thank-you enough for everything you have done
Official SIV ~2002 Photo
Left: the Fledgling Scholars [and for many in this class - we think there is "hope" - they traveled well and we look forward to many Grrr...Excursions in the future with them
On Friday afternoon we spent a most-enjoyable hour at the Brooks Museum of Art viewing their fabulous galleries.

Beneath - you may see special photos of 1) Whit, PJL and Little Jason [and believe you me - I could not live without these two great student-colleagues]; 2) great Grrr...Excursion Friend and Member of our Tiger Band Hall of Fame, Cousin Kim [aka Mr. Kim Summers] and PJL; and 3) Gents of Lambda Chi Alpha - Kappa-Omega Zeta who are also Band Scholars (Jeremy-Wade, Burley, KTT, PJL, Cousin Kim & Big)

Home of the King
Elvis Presley
And it is Game Day - time to "Get Your Grrr...On"
The Band Scholars eating our pre-game breakfast and Whit applying the official Tiger Paw to Fledgling Patrick
At Jim Carroll Stadium in Savannah, Teneessee for the NAIA National Football Championship Game
Left: Opening Ceremonies
Right: The scoreboard looking about as good as it was going to on this particular day
Right: our much-beloved "FTGPB" lending their special flair and flavor to the event Left: a sea of orange and black Tiger Fans permeated the crowd at Jim Carroll Stadium
No, the game did not necessarily turn out as we had hoped for - or planned for - but Grrr...Excursion Savannah IV - 2002 was delightful and provided for us all a great time and memories which we shall cherish for a lifetime (including the highly questionable, new Tiger Band tradition of Bus Dancing - which you may get a glimpse of to the right). Special Thanks to the Band Scholars for giving of their holiday break for SIV - and a very special Thanks to all of our many, many, many Band Friends who make Grrr...Excursions possible.

Banner given to the members of the "Fighting Tiger Grrr...Pep Band by Honorary Band Member and Tiger Band Hall of Fame inductee, Mrs. Ellen Cronin [wife of head Football Coach and Great Band Friend Bill Cronin] prior to the National Semi-Finals Game - we thank all members of our Tiger Football Family for a great and memorable season.