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"Keep Us Grrr... ing" Band Dinner

Friday, February 4, 2011
Cralle Student Center
... ah, something new, something different as the Band Scholars and our Tiger Bands hosted our first ever KUG [aka Keep Us] Band Dinner. It was a delightful evening and a great time was had by all


... an absolutely smashing meal was designed by our Executive Chef Miguel Rivas, and we are most-appreciative to Miguel, to General Manager, Josh Eckman and District Manager, Celia Daniels of Sodexo for partnering with our Tiger Bands for this delightful evening
... for more than a few months members of our BLT [aka Band Leadership Team] had been working on and planning the KUG with Special Thanks going to Director's Assistant, Dewey Creech, as well as Miss Stuck, Logan Poe, Sean May, Stephen Parker, Rebecca Thompson and Tevin Lloyd for their special contributions to the very special evening
... all of the Band Scholars pitched in as we worked to transform the Cafe to KUG ready


... a very special series of audio and video retrospectives of our Tiger Bands through the years [1993-2011] were designed by Logan Poe, our cherished Tiger Bands utility infielder

Special Guest Speakers

Rev. Ken Holden
Executive Director, Marshal Center

Coach Bill Cronin
Head Coach, Tiger Football

Dr. Bill Crouch
President, Georgetown College

Final Rehearsal

Final Preparations


... we were tickled that President and Mrs. Crouch could join us for the KUG and watch and listen as the Band Scholars departed their seats and closed the evening with a rousing performance of some Grrr... Classics

Special Band Friends
Danny Tilford, Shirley Tilford and Sonny Burnette

Special Band Friends
Miss Sheila, Mrs. Lobitz, Dick Lobitz and Lucas Gravitt

... our very special Band Friend Coach Osborne could not be in attendance [away with the Tigers] but we surely cherish the very special relationship we have between our Tiger Bands and Tiger Basketball
Thanks & Thanks
to everyone and all for making the KUG such a rousing success