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Grrr... Excursionette ~ 2006
MSC Tournament Championship Games
Pikeville, KY

On Saturday, March 4th - the Band Scholars and a few special Band Friends journeyed to Pikeville [and for those of you who live far afield - Pikeville is way, way east and way, way south in Kentucky] for the Mid-South Conference Tournament Championship Games. It was our privilege and pleasure to support our Teams and our College at this prestigious event - as we added our special "F&F" [aka Flavor and Flair] to the proceedings.

Left: our Croswell coach - waiting - in that special place from whence has started many, many Grrr... Excursions over the years

Left: a somewhat bedraggled [oh you know how the Band Scholars are early in the morning] looking Fledgling Jeremy helps load

Upper Right: well, I am not sure what the purpose of this pic is - other than these are three of the finest Fledglings we have had in some time [even Taras, our friendly German, with a pillow on his head]

Lower Right: a hallmark of any of our Grrr... Excursions are Band Friends that travel with us - for the Grrr... Excursionette we were tickled to have: Dr. Sonny Burnette, Assistant Bass Drum #2 Artist; Great Band Friends Mike &Shirley College, Bill & Jan Crabdree, Miss Sheila [Cousin Kim in abstentia] and Dick & Jan Lobitz

Another hallmark of any of our Grrr... Excursions are our Departure Devos. On Saturday, these were ably led by the Spiritual Advisor of our Tiger Bands, Miss Kelly [G.R.O.E.].

*note from the management*
This morning as I construct this digital gallery of our most-recent Grrr... Excursionette, I am thinking about the tens of thousands of mile our Tiger Bands and the Band Scholars have traveled over the years in general - and in particular, some of our other great Spiritual Advisors of the past who have led Departure Devos for us. Scholar Matthew [Sturtevant] who helped us create the role of S.A. for our Tiger Bands when most of the current Band Scholars were in elementary school - Sister Susan, one of our great Band Scholars of yesteryear and the incomparable, Gem-Alumnus of our Tiger Bands,  Killer [aka Emily Bennett nee' Hales].

We oft-times talk about the heritage and tradition of our Tiger Bands - this is an important part of our collective history.

Scholars walking to the bussie - for departure - a great pic - and a view we have never previously had - the weather for early March was glorious - but chilly - special thanks to Junior [aka Jarrod A. Hunt] for taking all photos for the Grrr... Excursionette

napping scholars

we finally reach Pikeville, and our faithful loading crew has all I/E [aka Instruments and Equipment] lined-up and ready for use

we are set-up and ready to roll for the Girls Championship Game [and yes, then we have to move to a new locale a bit later for the Boys game]

The Lady Tigers at play against the squad from the University of the Cumberlands. Our Lady Tigers prevail with a 70-67 win to secure the Tournament Championship and an automatic berth at the National Tournament in Jackson, TN.

Special Band Friend, Scholar Carrie, gave us a piece of "the net" as a momento of this special day - thanks Carrie

Congratulations Lady Tigers

"Ivan" ~ one of the more-popular [yet stranger] traveling companions of our Tiger Bands
Ivan [in his Tiger Togs] faithfully watches over all "doings" of the Band Scholars

What collegiate band program could possibly be complete without large and strange eight-foot inflateables?

And Ivan is so very, very friendly .....


OK - this might require a bit of explanation [and the pics are a bit blurry - because trust me - these are "action shots"] - a great tradition was started this spring by Elder Scholar David & Fledgling Michael-Patrick [now affectionately known as the 3-Point Boys] - expanding [radically] the old 3-point dance - the "3-Point Boys" have raised the installation of the old 3-point signs to an absolute art-form - you really have to see it to believe - but this new tradition is loved and cherished by all - thanks & thanks to the 3-Point Boys

Right: R. Happy Osborne [aka The Dark Master], Head Basketball Coach for our Tigers ~ no finer or more faithful Band Friend is there than Happy.

Our Tigers at play against Campbellsville University
no - they did not prevail [65-63 nail-biter] but end as the MSC regular season champions, ranked #11 nationally and will play in the NAIA D1 National Championship Tournament in Kansas City

Jon and the Alchettes
[our ever-faithful Trombone Team]

The Tubers [Elder Scholar David, Fledgling Michael-Patrick & the Ten of Hearts]

Right: loading crews again at work after the two games end

Above: a napping Band Scholar - as we leave Pikeville - with the beautiful mountains of eastern Kentucky in the background


Band Scholars do like to eat ..... Left: Elder Scholar Bethany with Melissa [yes on a cell phone - Grrr...] and Fledling Sara ..... Right: Fledglings Kathy & Stephanie

the Ten of Hearts & PLUR in the Kid Zone

Thanks & Thanks
to everyone and all for your continuing support of the Band Scholars and our Tiger Bands at Georgetown College