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Humble but Homey XIII
Festival of the Horse ~ Colt & Filly Review
Friday, September 23
featuring the Band Scholars and our Tiger Bands

(and the Flat Bed, the Remote Woodwind Transportation Device, BVII and the Candy Distribution Team)

..... getting ready is more than half of the fun - and the Band Scholars were great as we prepared the Flat Bed [courtesy of Giles Farm Equipment], the Remote Wood Transportation Device [courtesy of our great Band Friend, The Coroner - ~ Dr. Ginn] and BVII [courtesy of the Tiger Bands] - and then yes, the was of course the CDT [aka Candy Distribution Team] - headed this year by Miss Kelly [but Moses and her reign with the CDT was fondly remembered]

The Queen of the Rodeo herself, Middle Child ~ Scholar Allison Bickers, looking mighty proud of her work and efforts on BVII - and we all say .....


Fledgling Taras [whom some of the Band Scholars call Taras the Terrorist"] holding an American Flag - which is probably good for him as he is our Band Scholar from Berlin

..... and then we are ready to roll .....
Left: our favorite Band Alchemist, aka Tyler Colby Howard, aka Alchy - at the wheel of the ever-faithful BVII

Right: a new parade feature this year - was large, blow-up horses [aka Pegasus] - this prompts us to think that Ivan will be in our next parade outing with us.

Left: Miss Kelly, head of this year's Candy Distribution Team, looks at the supplies - yes we went through 41 1/4 lbs of candy rather quickly

Below: Elder Scholar Krista and Middle Child Sarah - bringing joy and happiness to the children [and all local dentists]

it was a beautiful evening, there was a huge crowd all along the parade route - only one casualty - and that tragically was the venerable "Goatsbeard" -  may he rest in peace - after many, many long years of service - but you never know - like Lazarus - he might come back from the dead and be seen again at many a Grrr... events.