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Digital Gallery I
(sights and scenes from Game I, the TBLE&B and Game II)

Game I Preparations
(the 4th day of classes)
Final Score: Us - Big Number - Them - No Number

Tiger Jacks Tutorial
(arguably one of the funniest things I have ever seen)

(aka Tiger Band Leadership Event & Barbecue)

(because of Ivan - we enjoyed the "indoor version of the TBLE&B this year)

(a few of our great Band Friends visit for the evening)

James Koeppe
The Facilitator
Good Eating
(a staple of the Tiger Bands)
Left - The Lemon Chicken (Food of Choice)
Right - At the Trough
Below - our Food Buddies

Above - a Happy Fledgling Jarrod

Below - a Glum Alchy

The Spill
( a tragedy caused by The Management)

Game II
Final Score: Us - Big Number - Them - Very Small Number

mantra of the day
"Avas Ye Scurvy Dogs"

(for reasons I never quite understood, it was declared "PD" [aka Pirate's Day] - some confusion ensued when instead of our normal "Hello Ma & Pa Taliaferro" et al - we were shouting Ahoy to everyone)

Standard Pre-Game Rites & Rituals

preparation of the Alumni Tent?

part of the Alchettes

Bahb's ever-growing family

Fledgling Grrr...A-Thon

Fledgling Body-Spelling - a Time-Honored Tradition

Poor BVII - which subsequently "died" returning to Band Central after the game

Elder Scholar Adam
(an anchor of our Tiger Bands - faithfully warming-up - on The Rock)

Middle Child Ken
(one of our very finest)

The Tree
(most-asked Grrr... Question - why do you take that old, ratty-looking tree every place you go?)
We are off to a great start - stay tuned