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Humble but Homey XII
2004 Festival of the Horse Parade
September 25th

The "Flotilla"
featuring the "Big Truck", the "Coroner's Truck", the Alchy Mobile & the CDT [aka Candy Distribution Team]

some of the Band Scholars during the warm-up sequence

left upper: The Alchettes [minus Alchy]
left lower: the remote woodwind transportation device

Alchy & the Alchy Mobile with Friends
(we had to make use of some "alternate forms" of Grrr... Transportation as our trademark BVII was still at the "clinic")

the fine ladies our of 2004 CDT [aka Candy Distribution Tean] otherwise known as Moses and her People was a great evening - thanks to our many, many, many Band Friends on and off-campus for their continuing support of the Band Scholars and our Tiger Bands. Special thanks to Giles Farm Equipment, Dr. Ginn, T. C. Howard, the Friends of the Library and the owners and staff of the Lock & Key for making it a most-memorable evening and exciting Grrr... Event
please stay tuned for more Grrr... Updates