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Fall 2004 ~ Harvest Season
Have Supper with the Band
160th Fall Anniversary Concert ~ Tiger Symphonic Band
Turkey Bowl VI ~ Rawlings Stadium ~ FTGPB

(photos taken of the Band Supper and Fall Concert were by Band Friend, Alexei Paul Carlson Trout - Thanks - as the light was limited in both venues, Seth [the digital camera] was not at his best - but hopefully you may re-capture a bit of the essence of these great Grrr... events - we apologize for the blurry nature of the pictures)

Ma & Pa Hales with Dr. Crouch

Richard (Ram-Jet) Jackson & Chad (Flash) Acklin

The Grrr... PMT Team with Dr. Crouch
Miss Kelly, Alchy, What's His Name & PLUR-Person (otherwise known as Kelly Kays, Tyler Howard, Jon Myers & Lucas Gravitt - who coordinated the dinner)

Jesse Eden Gabbard and Peter LaRue

Tom Hales


(Little Jason, Dr. Pete [losing his mind], Flash & Miss Melly as Chad utters his newest immortal line - "The Tiger Bands - start as a concept - move quickly towards excess" - Mrs. Richard Jackson & Baby are seen in the front)

arrival of Emily Hales Bennett and Mrs. Patrick L. LaRue

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Gabbard

Band Scholar Matthew Bell and Father

Band Scholars getting ready

Scholar Bahb ~ Voice of the Tiger Bands

Jon C. Myers, Featured Student Soloist

acknowledging applause

Special Turkey Bowl VI Band Scholars

clouds gathering over the LRC - not a good thing
.....and on Saturday, November 27th - we gathered for Turkey Bowl VI as our Georgetown College Tigers took on the team from MidAmerica Nazarene University from Olathe, Kansas. All turned out well [even though meteorological conditions took a distinct turn for the worse] as Coach Cronin & Co defeated the visitors 46-27. Grrr...
Adam modeling his newly designed TBVI T Shirt

much-needed work down on one of our most-historic icons - Goats Beard

Fledgling Karyn, Elder Scholar Erica & Fledgling Jarrod moving another of the most-recognized symbols of our Tiger Bands - The Tree

a hallmark of any Tiger Band event - Good Grub

Scholar April leading the way .....
Band Friends Join Us

Mrs. Lobitz ~ The Queen

Ma Nance

.....more Band Friends ~ Pa Nance & Dr. Burnette join us

a Happy Elder Scholar - Mitchie
..... okay - it turned out to be a tad windy, just a skosh rainy and a teeny bit chilly - however, Turkey Bowl VI was yet another day when the Band Scholars were helping us to "pay the bills", while remaining a focal point of excellence, excitement and enthusiasm for our entire campus community .....