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MGE - 2003
Mini-Grrr...Excursion ~ Nashville & Jackson, TN
October 17th & 18th

MGE - 2003 ~ Travel Roster Personnel
in front of the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville
the 16th Grrr...Excursion of the Modern Era of our Tiger Bands

Scholar Erica Underwood
Traditional Departure Devos

Loading Sequence ~ twas a tad bit rainy
The Hampton Inn ~ Jackson, TN
our new friends - big thanks to Felicia Price and her great staff
(no we do not know who Steve Ellis is.....)

The Hermitage
Home of President Andrew Jackson
the first of the educational stops of MGE - 2003

one of the Hermitage Tour Guides talks to the Band Scholars
the beautiful gardens and tombs of Andrew & Rachel Jackson

The Country Music Hall of Fame
abulous new edifice that houses the memories of Jimmie, the Carter Family, Hank Sr., Kitty, Patsy, Loretta, Johnny and many others

downtown Nashville and the "Bat Building"

very special friends from Centri-Kid - KT & Erin visit us while we are in Nashville

a time honored tradition - the Grrr...Excursion cigars - many a Ma & Pa shudder at the thought - Fledgling Michelle and Band Scholars Erica & Steph

Mitch in a little train at the Casey Jones Museum [thanks Ma Woods for great snacks]

Saturday morning loading sequence with our good Band Friends Bill & Jan Crabdree

Norma at the Casey Jones Railroad Museum ~ what an absolute delight she was

entire Grrr...Entourage around the old 382

(a very special thanks to Kim & Sheila Summers, Bill & Jan Crabdree and Mr. John, our driver - for helping to ensure the success of MGE - 2003)

The Elder Scholars
The Few - The Proud
Kim Vogler
Kent Simon
Matthew Birdwhistell
[who had to rough it this time and travel like us mortals - no Lear Jets or Limos - sorry Mattie]

(it's always been our smallest class in the recent history of the Tiger Bands - but great folks all)

The Fledgling Band Scholars
(fine, fine class - they will help us define and refine the Tiger Bands of the future - possible exception - Jon - until Lucas has been able to work with him on some remedial movement skills)

we have one, serious train enthusiast in the crew - Alchy - and he took full advantage of the Casey Jones experience

The 2003-2004 "FTGPB" [aka Fighting Tiger Grrr...Pep Band]
lending their special flavor and flair to the Georgetown College versus Lambuth University football game
we would like to thanks our many, many, many "OC" [On-Campus] and "GC" [aka Geographically-Challenged] Band Friends for their continuing and incredible support that allows us to sustain Grrr...Excursions and our Tiger Bands "On The Road" series