C    O    L    L    E    G    E



(Jason Reinhardt with Demian Austin, Principal Trombonist in the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, as Demian was in town to visit Band Friend, his mother - Sharon Austin)

(Kevin Wayne Brown visits with his wife Dawn)

(two of the old "Nap Crew" [class of 2000] "DG" [now Dr. Green] is currently doing her residency at Johns Hopkins Medical Institute in Baltimore - Kristy is an Information Tech Specialist for Webasto)

Dewey Creech
21st Gem Alumni
of our Tiger Bands - November 2011

GAI Dinner - April 22, 2018
honoring Evan C. Moore
the 23rd member of the Gem Alumni


"Gem Alumni"
of our Tiger Bands

Well, as with all-things Grrr… the concept of the "Gem Alumni" has developed over many years. We have always been blessed with many, many, many great Band Scholars – but some have made contributions ~ had a lasting impact upon our Tiger Bands which is of inestimable importance. It is actually pretty easy to know basically who is on the “GA” list – as it is those whom we talk about regularly, to this day. We are humbled by and beholden to these very special folks who had a transformational impact upon our Tiger Bands.

Gem Alumni - 1993-2018

Mr. Chad Acklin [Class of 1999]
Ms. Emily Hales Bennett  [Class of 2003]
Mr. Kevin Brown  [Class of 2001]
Mr. Dewey L. Creech [Class of 2011]
Mr. Ryan Coatney [Class of 2001]
Mr. Andrew Dodson [Class of 2002]
Mr. Jesse Gabbard [Class of 1999]
Mrs. Melanie Webb Gabbard
[Class of 1997]
Mr. Lucas Gravitt [Class of 2007]
Dr. Deanna Green [Class of 2000]
Mrs. Whitney Castle Harris [Class of 2003]
Mr. Richard Jackson [Class of 2000]
Dr. Kelly Kays [Class of 2007]
Mr. Ken Marotte [Class of 2006]
Mr. Connor Mook [Class of 2014]
Mr. Evan C. Moore [Class of 2018]
Dr. Jon Myers [Class of 2007]
Mrs. Tera Jones Ragland [Class of 1995]
Captain Jason Reinhardt [Class of 2003]
Mrs. Beth Ashford Rose [Class of 1994]
Mr. Gavin Sewell [Class of 2009]
Mr. Mitch Woods [Class of 2005]
Dr. Brett N. Wynn [Class of 1995]