C    O    L    L    E    G    E



(the 2004 version of the Hymn Howlers - Adam Nance on Tuba and Tyler Howard, Jon Myers & Dr. Pete on Trombone as they prepared for a "gig")

(the 2001-2002 Hymn Howlers - Casey Ullrich, Jason Reinhardt and Adam Nance - Dr. Pete was taking the picture)

(FTGPB VII - Tulsa VI - 2000 at Pioneer Woman Statue - Ponca City, OK)

Hymn Howlers & Small Ensembles

There are many, many instrumental opportunities for interested Scholars here at Georgetown including the Chapel Brass and depending upon the semester, our Tiger Band Woodwind Choir, "Bahb's Family" [saxophone quartet], The Chamber String Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble, etc.. In the Spring of 1998, however, we also founded  a "foursome" known as the "Hymn Howlers". The original ensemble comprised of C. Acklin, I. LaRue, K. Brown and P. LaRue - performed locally as well as traveled with Dr. Crouch. For the past several years, the "HH" have expanded slightly and again performed in several, sacred venues [the actual size of the HH varies a tad from year to year]. In addition to the HH, we also will provide other small ensembles for special events [e.g. the Memorial Service for Kim Summers - Spring 2009 and/or our ongoing visits to Windsor Gardens] and we consider it a privilege and a pleasure to so do.

The Hymn Howler membership for 2009-2010 will probably include - Erica Miller, Stephen Parker, Evan Harrell, Dewey Creech and P. LaRue.

We shall also be looking at - more small ensemble offerings [such as Team Flute and Team Horn last year].

These groups shall be just another example of the flexibility and versatility of our Band Scholars.