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KC2011 - Grrr... Excursion
March 15-22, 2011

Our Tiger Bands "On the Road" series continued this year with our most-memorable and epic KC2011 Grrr... Excursion. Thanks & Thanks to the Band Scholars on the travel roster and our great chaperones for adding enormously to the national stature of our Tiger Bands and adding immeasurably to the legacy and lore of Band at Georgetown College.

Rolley Trunks and all I/E ready for departure

Basic KC2011 Materials

The TourPac

The "MRC" [aka Moron Release Clause]
(a new feature of our KC2011 Grrr... Excursions)

Great Band Friend
Ms. Judith Watkins Jones

Hilton Garden Inn
Independence, MO

KC2011 Crews
On a full-fledged Grrr... Excursion each member on the Travel Roster has a specific assignment(s) and is expected to pitch in and help. Crucial to the unparalleled success of KC2011 were ...

Dewey Creech [aka Stubby, aka Dew, aka Mr. Cheechbaum]
Student Coordinator

Sean May
Loading Crew Chief
[and I do not want to know how many times Sean & Co. loaded and unloaded all of our I/E with Neemo, Travis, Eddie & Nathan]

Rebecca Thompson
Leader of the God Squad
[who daily provided our Devos with the excellent help of Hannah, Jonathan & Evan]

Miss Stuck

Stephen Parker
Grrr... Excursion Accountant

Logan Poe
Technical Advisor

... and then there was the Snack Crew [we were traveling with about 700 pounds of sugar], The Enforcer [Hunter], The Social Chairs [Miss Sheila & Puff] ... I could go on and on - but the KC2011 crews were great and a big part of the success of this epic jaunt.

Educational Sites & Touring
A crucial component of any Grrr... Excursion is the opportunities we make possible for the Band Scholars to visit assorted museums, galleries and sites of interest. With KC2011 - this was very, very true ...

Wednesday, March 16
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Fine Art
Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

Thursday, March 17
Truman Presidential Museum and Library

Friday, March 18
American Jazz Museum
Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

Saturday, March 19
National World War I Museum

Sunday, March 20
National World War I Museum

Monday, March 21
Plaza and Fountain District










Obviously a primary purpose for our jaunt to Kansas City was to support our College and our Team at the NAIA D1 National Basketball Tournament. And we did! While in Kansas City we performed eight (8) times including ... four (4) Tournament Games, three (3) Tiger Rallies and one (1) P for P.

Game Re-Cap
Round I - GTC versus Olivet Nazarene [W - 83-76]
Round II - GTC versus McKendree [W - 77-59]
Quarter-Finals - GTC versus Concordia [W - 69-67]
Semi-Finals - GTC versus Mountain State [L - 63-69]


Grrr... Preparations
... are of the utmost import

and there were a few birthdays along the way ...



Somewhat Extraneous KC2011 Events

The "Second Service"
if you do not know - I would not ask, but Eddie did survive

The "Boot Buy"
I am not sure I have laughed this much in a long time


KC2011 Travel Roster

Elder Scholars




Grrr... Excursion Logs

To help keep our Band Friends across the country and around the world informed while we were on the road - daily we generated the Grrr... Excursion Logs. These proved to be very popular and will always help us recall the extraordinary memories from the KC2011 jaunt.

Pre-Departure Day

Band Date 031511

Band Date 031611

Band Date 031711

Band Date 031811

Band Date 031911

Band Date 032011

Band Date 032111

Band Date 032211

Professor Richard L. Cryder, Mr. Dick Lobitz,
Mrs. Sheila Summers, Mrs. Jan Lobitz & Dr. Pete LaRue

Thanks & Thanks
... incredible Thanks & Thanks to the KC2011 Band Scholars, incredible Thanks & Thanks to the Band Friends, incredible Thanks & Thanks to the Administration, incredible Thanks & Thanks to Everyone and All for this not-to-be forgotten Grrr... Excursion ... from KC2011, we shall have memories to cherish for a lifetime.
Be Well