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2012 Kibbie Participants
[Kentucky Intercollegiate Band]
Kacey Stuck, Eddie White, Hannah Osborne, Connor Mook, Rachel Ward & Haley Lepper [Lauren Kohake was also selected to be a part of this prestigious ensemble but was unable to attend due to illness]

(2011 KIB Participants from our Tiger Bands - Hannah Osborne, Clarinet, Lauren Kohake, Flute, Rebecca Thompson, French horn, Kacey Stuck, Clarinet and Dewey Creech, Tuba)

(2010 KIB Participants from our Tiger Bands - Dewey Creech, Tuba and Kacey Stuck, Clarinet)

(2005 KIB Participants from our Tiger Bands - Shana Noe, Stephanie Goodrich, Jon Myers, Adam Nance, Ken Marotte & Nora Whitehead)

(2003 KIB Participants from our Tiger Bands - Jason Reinhardt, Emily Hales, Stephanie Goodrich & Lucy Greenwell)

(2002 KIB Participants from our Tiger Bands - Jason Reinhardt, Kim Vogler, Emily Hales & Katie McKown - Andrew Dodson and Lucy Greenwell also participated - but were not present for "picture day")

(1999 KY Intercollegiate Band - Felix Hauswirth, Conductor)



Kentucky Intercollegiate Band
[The "Kibbie" Experience]

2011 KIB under the direction of Ray Cramer, Director of Band Emeritus at Indiana University in Whitney Hall of the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts

2005 KIB under the Direction of Dr. Frank Wickes, LSU
in Whitney Hall of the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts

Each year, every college and university band program in the Commonwealth is given the opportunity to nominate band members for the annual Kentucky Inter-Collegiate Band [The KIB]. From this nomination process, the membership is selected. The KIB rehearses and performs at the annual KMEA Music Convention in Louisville which takes place in February.

Our Georgetown College Tiger Band Scholars have always fared very well in the KIB [annually getting between four and six selected for this prestigious ensemble - which is a true point of pride for our work and efforts]. Kibbie is a great opportunity for our members to have the chance to play with such an extraordinary ensemble.

Recent guest conductors have included the legendary Paula Crider [1994], Ray Cramer [1995], Karel Husa [1996], Jerry Junkin [1997], H. Robert Reynolds [1998], Felix Hauswirth [1999], Allan McMurray [2000], David Stanhope [2001], James Croft [2002] , James Curnow [2003], Dr. Tom Lee [2004], Dr. Frank Wickes [2005], Professor Ronnie Wooten [2006], Lazslo Marosi [2007], Paula Crider [2008], Ralph Hultgren [2009], Craig Kirchhoff [2010], Ray Cramer [2011], Gary Green [2012] and John Whitwell [2013]

This year's [2015] conductor for the KIB will be Allan McMurray

In about October, we shall put forth in nomination several Band Scholars, some of whom shall undoubtedly be selected [based upon our past success at Kibbie]. The 2014 Kentucky Intercollegiate Band will take place in Louisville [KMEA] on February 4-7. We know that those Band Scholars selected will well-represent both Georgetown College and our Tiger Bands.

From 1997 to 1999,  I served as the KMEA "Coordinator" for  the KIB which for those two years, greatly enhanced our Georgetown College involvement [the now-departed Flash & Ram-Jet, our much-beloved Hoss-Cat, Worker Bees & Co. were invaluable] Then we had one year of "normalcy" [1999-2000] - thankfully - as we returned to the role of just a  "participating" institution. In 2000-2001, because the duly-elected Coordinator, our good friend, Dr. Hayes "flew the coop" [for which I shan't soon forgive him] and the "Coordinator-Elect", Dr. Sue Creasap of Morehead had not had the advantage of the one year "in training" for the role - we were again drafted and I served, along with Dr. Creasap, as "Co-Coordinator" [again with the invaluable help of assorted "Worker Bees" including Little Jason, Hoss-Cat, Itzhak & MIR]. In 2003, normalcy again returned. For the 2007 Kibbie experience - we were again pressed into service and PLUR/Tink, Miles Per Gallon and I had the incredible opportunity to work with Maestro Laszlo Marosi. For the past two years normalcy and calmness remained a part of our world as our Band Friend, Dr. Amy Acklin, ram-rodded the event. This year [2015] the Coordinator will be Dr. Mark Lynn. These days and times, I do serve on the permanent Kibbie Advisory Committee [with Dr. Sue Creasap] and manage the Kibbie Web-Blog. Grrr...

In the fall, the nomination process will take place - and we will then select Band Scholars to represent Georgetown College at this prestigious event. It is truly a great opportunity to participate in this ensemble of the finest college and university band members from throughout the Commonwealth and under the baton of a world-class conductor. For more information regarding the "Kibbie Experience" please go to the following, a web-based site which I created and maintain for the Kentucky Intercollegiate Band.

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