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Miss Kelly - with "Certain Trumpets" - our first foray into Band Scholar Reading Groups in 2005

Tiger Band Leadership Events & Barbecues

Band Leadership Program

As today - our former Band Scholars permeate many medical, law and graduate schools, many seminaries, find themselves at work in public schools, churches and business and the future will see these Scholars as civic and community leaders throughout the Commonwealth and the southeastern United States we have a continued interest in the enhancement of our collective character and leadership skills [a component sadly lacking in many facets of modern society].

Although I am not totally convinced that leadership skills or character may be "taught" - I do know that attention to these "intangibles" and an emphasis upon them pays untold dividends for our Tiger Bands of today, and will be of great benefit to our Band Scholars as they make their own way in the world.

For several years, we have discussed ways in which we might enhance the natural "leadership skills" and "character" of which each Band Scholar is an exemplar [or you would not be a Band Scholar] and during the 1999 fall semester, we took our first specific step in this direction.

During the 1999 Fall Semester, we held our 1st Annual Band Leadership, Teamwork & Barbecue [although it was an "indoor" event as the weather was not totally cooperative] and we felt strongly that this event - enhanced our efforts in the direction of leadership and teamwork. We continued this event in the fall of 2000 [it was a beautiful afternoon and the event was held at the East campus Alpine Challenge Course], and at this juncture are committed to "in perpetua" holding the "Band Leadership, Teamwork & Barbecue" - early during each fall semester.

During our 2005-2006 performance season - we instituted a new program - which proved to be very popular - the Band Scholar Reading Groups, as we focused yet more upon Leadership Skills through our collective reading of a fabulous book by Garry Wills, "Certain Trumpets". We shall continue the reading group concept - as it makes sense for us in the future.

The enhancement of the natural character and leadership skills possessed by all Band Scholars - will be a continuing priority of our Tiger Bands. Please remember in all things, that even when the siren song of the "lower road" beckons, choose the "higher road".