C    O    L    L    E    G    E



(Humble but Homey XIII - Fall 2005)

(Pirate's Day II - 2005)

(one of our newest "toys" the crotales - purchased for the joy and happiness of Beater & Banger crew)


During the course of the winter of 2006 the first lockers were installed in the lower level of the Nunnelley Music Building [they are right outside of Band Central]. This was a long-awaited event - as the Instrument Storage Room & Room 5 [Gem Alumni Jon's personal space - seemingly] were cluttered and congested. As there were also times when Band Scholars could not access their larger instruments - practice [which we encourage BTW] - was also problematic.

Rounds I & II of the lockers are pretty well full, but we have hopes for the "third wave" to be installed this academic year. To "get" a locker, please contact a member of our Band Leadership Team - and you will be given a locker, given a lock - and your numbers will be recorded on our database.

The lockers are a good thing. Grrr...