C    O    L    L    E    G    E



(Hunter and Neemo - KC2011)

(Percussion Team with Ken, Lieutenant of Beaters & Bangers in his Valvoline Cap - Fall 2002)

(Grrr...Excursion SII - 2000 - Tigers Win National Championship Football Title)



(other information which as a Band Scholar you might find helpful)

"Performance Checks" will be utilized when and where necessary.  A student will be expected to rehearse a given passage until they are musically fluent on a given passage or selection. [this is true either in SB or in FTGPB]. The purpose of these PC's in not punitive in nature - but to foster an enhanced sense of responsibility on the part of each Band Scholar.

"Attitudes" of Band Scholars are assumed to be good.  If disruptive attitudes are displayed in rehearsal or performance setting (i.e. talking, chewing gum, general disruptions - particularly if the humor is bad) the Band Scholar's grade will be lowered, the Band Scholar might receive a failing grade for the semester or expulsion [in extreme cases] might occur.  It is our continuing goal to ensure the quality of our Tiger Bands [Symphonic Band & "Fighting Tiger Grrr...Pep Band"]  and this requires us to work together and leave all "attitudes" and "egos" at the door.

"Behavior" is expected to be in keeping with the historic spirit, mission and intent of Georgetown College and its "Student Code of Conduct", as our Band Scholars and our Tiger Bands represent not only the Music Department but the entire Campus Community. It is essential that Band Scholars always choose the "higher road" in all things - and treat everyone and everything in a respectful and mature fashion. Our "Five-Fold Band Tenets" should serve as your guide and in all things you should be respectful of yourself, respectful of other Band Scholars, respectful of the tradition of our Tiger Bands and respectful of Georgetown College.

"The Magic Words" should be a regular part of any Band Scholar's vocabulary. I become more convinced with each passing year - that basic decency and courtesy - are oft-overlooked in modern society and something to which we need to "tend shop". Therefore, I think it is impossible to say the magic words too often - and know and trust that during the course of this academic year that I will oft-hear you say ... Please, Thank-You, Yes Sir, No Ma'am, etc.. If you tend to be weak in this area - it is a good time to "get onboard".