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'tis very, very true that we do not post, design many Dig Gal these days and times as everyone [seemingly] has a smartphone and is taking pictures all of the time - that said, their is great archival value in our Galleries of years gone by - and for very special events [such as a Grrr... Excursion, et al] - even today - Thanks and Enjoy

As such, you may go to a year specific area [scroll on down] or simply view some "raw" photos of the Band Scholars and our Tiger Bands of more recent events, performances and activities - added as we go ...


 Grrr... Excursion
March 17-21, 2015

GUMP I - 2015
Graduation Music Project

Spring Concert 2015 - Featured Students

Grrr... Excursion - Kansas City - 2015 - 2015

KUG V - 2015

KUG V - 2015

2015 Kentucky Inercollegiate Band Participants at Western Elementary - 2014

Fall 2014 Concert - Miss Haley and Nicholas

Belly Band - 2014

Jacob and Junior Band Scholar Ben

Preparing to Grrr... - 2014

Classic Grrr... Photo - 2014

2014 TBLE&B

It's Grrr... O'Clock Somewhere
Grrr... Excursion - KCMMXV

May The Grrr... Be With You
General Photo Index

You Had Me At Grrr...
General Photo Index

2011-2012 Tiger Bands
Live Long and Grrr...
General Photo Index

2010-2011 Tiger Bands
I Grrr... Therefore I Am
General Photo Index

2009-2010 Tiger Bands
Let There Be Grrr...
General Photo Index

2008-2009 Tiger Bands
Sprechen Sie Grrr...
General Photo Gallery

2007-2008 Tiger Bands
The Good, The Bad ~ The Grrr...
General Photo Gallery

2006-2007 Tiger Bands
Viva la Grrr...
General Photo Gallery

2005-2006 Tiger Bands
General Photo Gallery

"A Year in Pictures"
2004-2005 Tiger Bands
"Back to Grrr... Basics"

It Was a Hall-of Famer
General Photo Gallery

2003-2004 Tiger Bands
General Photo Gallery

2002-2003 Tiger Bands
General Photo Gallery

"A Year in Pictures"
The Triple-Trinity Year
of our Tiger Bands
"What a Year it Was"