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Pirate's Day 2013
October 26
Ahoy Mateys!
A time-honored tradition of your Tiger Bands appeared yesterday [October 26] at Toyota Stadium as the Band Scholars celebrated Pirate's Day 2013.

It was a bit chilly [possible understatement] which inhibited full-scale pirating just a bit [the sun was definitely not "beatin' down", however, the wind surely was a'howlin'] but a good time was had by all.

And the Band Scholars were tickled to support our Team and our College as Coach Cronin & Co had a nice, solid victory.

Georgetown - 48, Pikeville - 13


Above Left: Pirate Melissa ... Above Right: Pirate Courtney

Above: Pirate Collin and Pirate Jacob
Left: Pirate Michelle

Above: Pirate Traci with his special little friend [and yes and yes, "gender identity" with Traci is and has been a little sketchy]. Traci's pirate finery provided by dear Fluffy [aka Travis R. Mazurek].
Right: Pirate Kayla, the 2013 "Individual Award Winner"

Left: The Internet Pirates [a distinctly new and creative spin on the theme] the 2013 "Group Award Winner"

Above: Two Fine Christian Women [and Grrr... Great Band Friends] Mrs. Janet G. Lobitz and Mrs. Shirley College, who served as judges for this year's Pirate's Day festivities.
Right Near: Pirate Nicholas looking very proud of his Pirate Pistol
Right Far: the ever-popular Pirate Taylor sporting "formal pirate"


... for your continuing support of the Band Scholars and our Tiger Bands at Georgetown College. We neither could nor would survive without you.

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