C    O    L    L    E    G    E



Tiger Symphonic Band
April 25, 2013

Annual Spring Concert

Student Soloists
Lauren Kohake, Flute
Eddie White, Bass Clarinet

The Play List
[changes and adjustments shall be made as necessary]

Solo Selection - Lauren
Concerto No. 2 - First Movement ... Mozart

Solo Selection - Eddie
Old Grumbly Bear ... Fucik

Anchor Selections
Abram's Pursuit ... Holsinger
Antares ... Saucedo
Two Grainger Melodies ... Grainger

Senior Salute
Old Scottish Melody ... arr. Wiley

Service Music
Star-Spangled Banner ... arr. Sousa
Alma Mater ... arr. LaRue

2012-2013 Performance Season
You Had Me At Grrr...