C    O    L    L    E    G    E



(Adam & Ken, featured soloists on our Spring 2004 Concert - Ken with "Rosey" the pride and joy of our percussion section)

(one of our newest "toys" the crotales - purchased for the joy and happiness of Ken)

School-Owned Instruments & Equipment

During the course of the academic year many of you will have the opportunity or be called upon to play or use instruments or equipment owned by the college. In some cases, you will be assigned to use a specific instrument [i.e. Tuba III, etc.]. We have been extraordinarily fortunate the last few years to greatly augment, enhance and increase the holdings of our band instrument/equipment inventory These big-ticket purchases are possible because of the incredible work and effort of you Band Scholars [24-7]. Yet with these fine instruments goes RESPONSIBILITY. You are responsible for the instrument which you are using. Loss or damage of an unusual or uncalled for nature is the sole responsibility of the user. Please be careful with these instruments; take pride in their care. Standard maintenance and upkeep, of course, will be on our GC tab.

(Good, Old BVI [aka Band Van One] which is now way off-line in favor of our most-delightful BVIII [the recent successor to good, old BVII - may he RIP] - under the care of our "Throw-It-In-There" crew)