C    O    L    L    E    G    E



("Killer" [aka Emily Hales] warming up prior to Dress Rehearsal for Symphonic Band Concert - 2001)

Seating/Chair Assignments

Our approach to "Seating/Chair Assignments" is different than in many instrumental ensembles [no surprise]. With our Tiger Bands you are placed and asked to be involved in the "spot" where you can help us the most. With our Tiger Bands "first chair" or "last chair" designations have no place, and are totally pointless. An instrumental ensemble is most successful, when all participants understand the "Spockian" notion, that "The good of the many, always outweighs the good of the individual or the betterment of the few". With our Tiger Bands, we strive to work towards unified, common goals ... our success is based upon this simple notion and work-ethic.