C    O    L    L    E    G    E



(Tiger Band Endowment)

Originally conceived of in 2000 - the TBE [aka Tiger Band Endowment] shall continue to take shape this year. I am convinced that perhaps that greatest "gift" with which we can bequeath the Band Scholars and our Tiger Bands - in perpetua - is the TBE. We plan, over the next ten years to raise in excess of 2.5 million dollars - and the interest from the TBE would subsequently fund absolutely all facets of our Tiger Bands [Band Scholarships, Grrr...Excursions, Equipment./Instrument needs, Tiger Togs, Special Programs such as the GCMS, et al] for all times. The success of the TBE project will require all Band Scholars, Alumni Band Scholars, OC [On-Campus] and GC [Geographically-Challenged] "Friends" of our Tiger Bands to "pull in tandem" as we see this all-important project to completion.

The Steering Committee was established in 2003, and came together prior to our Fall Anniversary Concert. Members are.....

Mr. Tom Hales, Chair [Paducah, KY]
Mrs. Martha Birdwhistell [Lawrenceburg, KY]
Dr. Sonny Burnette [Georgetown, KY]
Mr. & Mrs. Jesse E. Gabbard [Lexington, KY]
Mr. Richard Jackson & the Jackson Clan [Lexington & Monroe Co., KY]
Dr. Jim Gray [Battle Creek, MI]
Mr. Mark Mitchell [Frankfort, KY]
Ms. Beth Ashford Rose [Lexington, KY]
Dr. Brett Wynn [Louisville, KY]

Additionally, Dr. Crouch, during the 2004-2005 academic year, selected three Band Scholars to be a part of the PMT [aka Project Management Team] which helped us facilitate our first "Supper with the Band" event held in November of 2004. We shall long-remember this very special evening. The Grrr... PMT members that year were  ...

Lucas Gravitt
Kelly Kays
Jon Myers

I continue to be very excited about the TBE and we shall again have several "events" for and towards the success of the TBE. This is a very, very, very long-term project [decades] - yet has enormous, positive implications for us. I thank everyone in advance for your support and participation in the TBE project.

The Brochure
(generated by the Grrr... PMT Team for the "Have Supper with the Band" event and other TBE activities)