C    O    L    L    E    G    E



Band Blazers

As no one now remembers, in 1997 we were extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to purchase our amazing, snappy Band Blazers. In the Spring of 2002 we were able to purchase additional Band Blazers to accommodate the growth in our Tiger Bands. During the Fall of 2010 at long last [understatement] the new shipment of Band Blazers arrived [for which we were grateful]. These have helped to really "dress-up" the look of our Tiger Bands and we utilize them in several venues: This academic year, the Band Blazers will again be worn for ...

1. all formal, campus concerts of the Tiger Symphonic Band

2. other formal campus events, such as convocation programs on which the Tiger Symphonic Band is performing

3. Church or other Worship Experiences in which members of the Tiger Symphonic Band, FTGPB or the Hymn Howlers may be participating

4. Campus Events [such as when President G. H. W. Bush visited campus in 2008 or the Community Patriotic Celebration remembering September 11th in 2002] in which Band Scholars might be involved

5. "exchange concerts" or other formal off-campus programs

6. special band travel when a particular "look" is desired i.e. Grrr...Excursions

7. other noteworthy performance or events of our Tiger Bands

The Band Blazers [as with most of our goodies] were possible due to the serious, ongoing financial support of the "friends" of the Tiger Bands, the Administration and others.                 

The Band Blazers
charcoal gray, with special GC Band Scholar insignia patch [and pewter buttons]

1. you are RESPONSIBLE for your assigned Blazer - return cleaned - same condition

2. any loss or damage to the Blazer will be your financial responsibility

3. keep in the special GC Tiger Bands garment bag [and this year we are getting more of these] and hanging at all times

Lady Band Scholars with Blazer
white blouse, black skirt, appropriate shoes, limited jewelry and/or perfume

Gentlemen Band Scholars with Blazer
white shirt, black trousers, long GC tie, appropriate shoes, limited jewelry and/or cologne

for some special events we will wear the Band Blazers, our Black Polos, White Polos or Orange Grrr... t-shirts and khaki-style trousers - further information will be provided as always