C    O    L    L    E    G    E



Black Grrr...T Shirts

One of the best, and most enduring of our Band Fashion statements is our Black Grrr...Shirts. These have become a symbol of our Tiger Bands, widely recognized throughout the campus community and other venues in which we regularly perform. The Grrr...Shirts are worn at ALL FTGPB events and other special Tiger Band events.

Over the past few years,  we have slightly changed the policy regarding the Grrr...Shirts - which we shall follow again this year and  will continue for the foreseeable future. Here's the deal:

1. new Band Scholars will receive their complimentary Grrr...T Shirt to love and cherish

2. old Band Scholars may use their old Grrr...T Shirt or purchase a new one

3. the highly subsidized bargain price of Grrr... shirts for "returnees" is $5.00

Please remember that the FTGPB Grrr...T Shirts are yours to keep, but please also remember that they must  ALWAYS BE WORN  AT ALL OFFICIAL BAND FUNCTIONS and be kept clean.