C    O    L    L    E    G    E



The "Hoodies"

What can be said? What needs to be said? When we finally added the "Hoodies" to our Tiger Togs "repertoire" during the Fall of 2005 [after the usual 2 or 3 year "gestation period" which is usual for "new" ideas or changes with our Tiger Bands] they became an instant hit - an instant success.

These very high-quality [and yeppir, expensive] Tiger Togs are given to each Band Scholar - and are yours to keep. We purchased Round II of the Hoodies to ensure we have enough for everyone this fall.

We wear the Hoodies at many performances, et al - and will wear them during our numerous travels this year as well. Additionally, because they are so warm and comfy - many Band Scholars wear them all of the time [which is better than fine]. If [tragedy of tragedies] someone would lose their Hoodie - they would have to shoulder the burden of replacement cost. Washing them upon occasion - is encouraged by the management.