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Tiger Bands
Special "Year" Polo Shirts and T-Shirts

2014-2015 Performance Season
"It's Grrr... O'Clock Somewhere"

Somewhat like last year, we are again going a slightly different direction with some of our Togs for the 2014-2015 performance season [actually - variation on a theme - so to speak]. As such ...

Orange IGOCS Polo Shirts
We shall be getting and subsequently distributing special orange, MTGBWY polo shirts [a bit like the orange and black ones of recent past years]. I/We think these shall look very snappy

Classic Black Grrr... T-Shirts
As we are going with orange polos this year - we will be moving back to our standard classic, black tees for many events. I think this will give us a good look.

White Grrr... Polo Shirts
As described elsewhere, the White Grrr... Polo Shirts are also very nice and for 2014-2015, along with the orange polos and black tees will comprise our primary "look" for the IGOCS Performance Season