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Specialty T Shirts
(the "I Love Donnie T Shirts", World's Most Dangerous Pep Band, Turkey Bowl IV, V & VI, Finish It - 2000, KCI & KCII T Shirts to name naught but a few)

For the last several years, our good and special friend RHO [Former Head Basketball Coach, Robert Happy Osborne]  provided us with some snappy "specialty" t shirts compliments of him and our beloved Tiger Basketball Team. We shall always cherish our special relationship with RHO & Co. and will miss him mightily, yet I'm a'guessin' that this year we will see another nice offering [our firend Coach Briggs is good people, trust me] - we wear these on special occasions - and they are - yours to keep. Additionally, our good friend Coach Cronin has now pretty well "gotten with the program" and in 2000 [prior to the  Savannah II - Grrr...Excursions] graciously gave to us the limited edition "FINISH IT" black t shirts. Again these are "special gifts" and we cherish and use as they are available. In 2001-2002 [as excess was starting to run rampant] we obtained special Turkey Bowl IV T Shirts and KCI T Shirts. In 2002-2003 we had the "mother of all t shirts" the Turkey Bowl V models [as designed by Adam] which is perhaps the best t shirt ever. In 2003-2004, we had the never-to-be-forgotten "I Love Donnie" T shirts. During the 2004-2005 year, we again rolled out the ILD t shirts, had our special KCII t shirts as well as Turkey Bowl VI. It seems like we have a never ending "string" of Tiger Togs. Grrr... We probably shall have more this year. All of these are to be worn and enjoyed as seems appropriate - and sometimes they will be listed as the "official" Tiger Togs for a performance or event.