C    O    L    L    E    G    E



(2009-2010 Let There Be Grrr... Polos)

(arrival of the Hoodies - Fall of 2005 - few if any of our Tiger Togs have ever been so popular)

(TEAM Percussion - FTGPB ~ 2004 sporting a "special" Tiger Tog, our much-beloved "I Love Donnie" T Shirts - one example of the several "togs" which we wear throughout the performance season)

(FTGPB III - Band Scholars SK, Matthew-David, Alex & Tim - without many Tiger Togs)



Tiger Togs
(and assorted Band Scholar Fashions)

As our Tiger Bands have matured and developed, so has our fashion sense [to some extent]. We are fortunate to have several "looks" for our assorted "doings". The Worker Bees will help you with your assorted Tiger Togs needs. As our Tiger Tog collection has grown [and some would say - nearly gotten out of hand] the explanation has grown. To this end, please follow each link - and carefully read the "specifics" on each item. We are very, very fortunate to have our assorted Tiger Togs - and this is because of the continuing support and help of many. We make these available to you - at no cost - but with that goes your responsibility of being good stewards of these items. the Tiger Tog Inventory is now permanently housed in the Tog Room [formerly Jon's Room aka Room #5].

On the OWS [and schedule for any performance] it will always list appropriate Tiger Togs. Get used to taking care of your Tiger Togs - and being responsible for wearing/having with you the necessary togs for any performance sequence.

Band Blazers

Tiger Band Warm-Up Suits

The Hoodies

White Grrr... Polo Shirts

Black Grrr...T Shirts

5FBT [aka Five-Fold Band Tenet] T Shirts

Special Year Polo and T Shirts
2014-2015 Orange "IGOCS" Polo Shirts

Specialty T Shirts

Tiger Band Caps

Tiger Band Pull-Overs
(so sad - now off-line - sniffle-sniffle)